Case study: Map-based bus route data exporter

Back in 2017, we were approached by an organisation that provides route solutions for public transport services on a national scale. They wanted to digitise a particular stage in their workflow that was becoming a timesink.

We decided that the new system should allow the client to easily mark out an area of operation, pull all bus route information for that area, then export the data in spreadsheet format.

With the new tool at their disposal, our client have reported completing the work up to eight times faster than ever before.

Case study: Remote worker check-in and automated safeguarding tool

As part of a large-scale multi-year project, we developed a system for safeguarding lone workers by leveraging automated voice calls for routine check-ins to verify their wellbeing. In the event of an accident, an automatic emergency conference call is created to ascertain the worker’s situation and send help.

Our bespoke technology and scalable cloud infrastructure has given the organisation peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding their remote staff. The system resulted in massive cost savings and eliminating blockers to growth.

Case study: Cloud-based resource planning with calendar sync

Back in 2014, we were approached by a national telecoms provider with a multi-million pound turnover. Thanks to their recent success, they were preparing to scale up even further, and needed to concentrate various paper and excel-based processes into a bespoke cloud-hosted system.

Thanks to the software we built for them, they have been able to comfortably manage a much larger workforce, take on more projects and massively increase revenue.

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