Careers at Codevate

So you’re a developer, software engineer, computer scientist or digital specialist…

Thanks for visiting our careers page. You’ll learn a lot about our approach and the types of projects we work on by reading our About page and our case studies.

Now, we recognise those pages are aimed at prospective clients (high-growth businesses) looking for software and app development services. So here are the 3 top reasons why you, as a software or digital specialist, should work with us.

Multidisciplinary Team

We’re a team of software engineers, with the emphasis on team. We’re not a group of contractors working independently. That means collaboration and camaraderie, and the ability to deliver big platform systems that work. It also means you get to use and develop a range of skills and styles, front and back end.

Bespoke Builds

We don’t do cookie-cutter web development projects. Yes, there are standard elements involved in each one. But we know you need to sink your teeth into the fun, bespoke aspects as well as the everyday ones, so we make sure everyone has a balanced workload.

Growing Business

We’re proud of the fact that Codevate is expanding quickly and sustainably, and that’s because of the quality service we offer. We have a 3-5 year plan and know how we want to develop our services. And that means you have an opportunity to be part of a Birmingham success story.

Current Vacancies

Here are the positions we’re currently recruiting for. However, we always like hearing from capable people who believe in our approach to software development.