Our Core Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs represent the essence of Codevate, its meritocracy, and its commitment to excellence in developing software products. Codevaters strive to make a positive impact in everything they do.


  • Develop innovations that enable us to excel, and our clients to be best-run businesses.
  • Encourage growth and curiosity, and challenge; endeavour to enhance everyone's working lives.
  • Leave things better than how you found them; if you see a broken window, be prepared to fix it.

Pursue excellence

  • Take ownership of the decisions you make. Be transparent, and learn from failure.
  • Pursue excellence in every aspect of your work: write self-documenting code; keep concise, well-written documentation; consider commit messages; craft architecture, design and implementation; always learn; collaborate and synergise.
  • Give people trust and autonomy; demonstrate that people can trust you to do brilliant work in pursuit of the company's goals.

Commitment to client success

  • Start with the long-term benefits for our clients and their customers and work back from there. Our clients' success is our success.
  • Apply Lean methodology and business-thinking to software designs and feature implementation; avoid reinventing the wheel, ensure a good product-fit and client return on investment.
  • Select the right tool for the job; take into account project requirements like longevity and timeliness of delivery — client ROI is paramount.

Culture and collaboration

  • Collaboration first, egos last. Everyone has a voice.
  • Make the most of all the skills and knowledge throughout Codevate; share information, knowledge, and skills openly and relentlessly. Embrace new ways of thinking.
  • Empower fellow team members; listen intently, and embed learning in everyday activities.
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Looking to develop software that's greater than the sum of its parts?

Looking to develop software that's greater than the sum of its parts?

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