Why Codevate

Codevate was founded in 2013 by a team of software engineers with one clear goal: to deliver software development services that work for small-medium UK businesses. We bridge the technology gap using our wealth of experience and creative mindset.

We formed Codevate because we noticed a pattern: most agencies were run by non-technical directors, and freelancers didn’t have the manpower or breadth of expertise to deliver the complete solutions that UK businesses needed. They were biting off more than they could chew, and building software without asking the right questions - projects were over-managed and under-delivered, leading to unnecessary costs or a complete loss.

Our services are different: we offer lean and directed software development. Using our technical backgrounds and years of business transformation experience, we ask the right questions and challenge assumptions early on, focusing our efforts on delivering real value and effective software. Over the last 6 years we’ve established a close-knit team of results-driven software engineers who can help any business get the ball rolling (in the right direction).

We started over half a decade ago and we’ve worked with dozens of clients in a variety of industries - many of which are still working with us today. We believe that the proof is in the pudding; our step-by-step approach enables continuous innovation and an early return on investment. We’ve never failed to deliver, which has meant year-on-year growth for both us and our long-standing clients.


Lean & nimble

We focus on cost-effectiveness - waste is our enemy! We’re happy to respond to feedback every step of the way.


Always learning

We’re creative problem solvers. We’re always updating our skill set with the latest technologies and techniques to deliver cutting-edge software.


Determined to deliver

We say it how it is - no overselling! You’re always kept in the loop about decisions and progress.


Considered & transparent

We’re resourceful and have high standards - since we formed, we’ve never failed to deliver.


Our process

Every software project at Codevate starts with a conversation about goals and objectives, setting the scene for building appropriate solutions, and minimising wasted effort by applying problem solving skills and a strategic and methodical approach from the start. We develop a project roadmap (made up of “phases”) that plans for long-term project sustainability, but focuses on delivering value as soon as possible.

Business focussed

Your business objectives are always in mind, and we focus on representing your USPs as accurately as possible, delivering cloud-ready software that transforms your business and delivers a clear competitive advantage.


Transparency is baked in to our process; with each new software deliverable (phase) we provide a no-jargon update to keep you in the loop. And because we’re committed to delivering results, we’re happy to make a change if something’s not working.


Our step-by-step (or iterative) approach is heavily influenced by Lean and Agile methodology. We deliver working software early and often so we can involve key stakeholders (and early adopters!) to capture their feedback and incorporate it every step of the way - building software that has the right fit.


Because of our extensive experience and arsenal of tried and technologies, we can offer truly bespoke software solutions for any industry or geography without reinventing the wheel. The aim is to always hit the ground running.

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