So, why is Codevate the right choice for your software project?

We went into business with one clear goal – to deliver effective bespoke software to growing UK businesses.

Our process is tried-and-tested.

  • We’re creative problem solvers and our skill set is ever-growing. We’re industry leaders that adopt the latest mature technologies and deliver cutting-edge software.
  • We develop ideas and deliver big software to businesses in and around Birmingham and the West Midlands by following Lean principles, and delivering iterations early and often.
  • We've been digitally transforming businesses since 2013, and have maintained a 100% project completion rate (compared to an industry average of around 25%[1]).
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We deliver software effectively.

Codevate was founded by software engineers who have the expertise to deliver stable, feature-rich software and support long-term business growth and relationships. Since our inception, we’ve been successfully delivering future-proofed bespoke software that generates a return on investment.

We've got the cross-industry experience to pinpoint opportunities and deliver considered, appropriate solutions – and we do it all in-house at our offices in Birmingham, West Midlands (no outsourcing!)

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We add value by evolving ideas.

We've spent over half a decade demonstrating our skills and experience by successfully delivering large-scale, practical software solutions.

During our workshops and research sprints, we use the 'Five Whys' and Design Thinking methodology to challenge our clients’ assumptions and evolve their ideas to maximise the potential value of everything we develop.

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We enhance businesses.

We've digitally transformed businesses from all kinds of industries, propelling clients to achieve over 600% growth, increase productivity up to 800%, and integrate with dozens of existing online services and APIs.

Our software projects hit the ground running, deliver a sustainable return on investment, and enable our clients to continuously innovate.

Get in touch today to upgrade your business with software.

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Want to know more? Try these FAQs.

  • How much does bespoke software cost?
  • Each project can vary in size, so we charge a standard daily rate for software development.

    That means the cost of an app all depends on the features and integrations you want to develop. You may also want to consider hosting and maintenance costs.

  • How long does it take to develop an app?
  • Development time is entirely dependent on the size of the project and how complex its features are.

    Having multiple developers working on a project may speed the process up, but in some cases, it may be better to have a single developer with niche expertise working on your project. We’ll cover the best development route in a high-level proposal.

  • Will you help market my app / software?
  • We focus solely on the development side of your project rather than full-lifecycle sales or marketing services. Any business decisions and strategies will be up to you.

  • Can you help with my in-house development project?
  • Though we typically work independently, we could be more than happy to provide Virtual CTO and consultancy services.

    These include (but are not limited to): feasibility and technical reports, QA testing, release and CI/CD consultancy, and competitor-analysis.

  • Why should I work with Codevate, instead of a cheaper overseas agency?
  • Working with overseas agencies can come with differences in IP ownership legislation, legal jurisdiction issues, time zone differences, and language barriers, which can damage a project’s potential for success.

    As a business that operates out of one of the country's hotspots for tech companies, you can be confident in the talent of our team.