Key features

  • Full team visibility
  • Bulk job scheduling
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Secure mobile-friendly overview
  • Job and Project documents available via secure calendar link

Cloud-based resource planning with calendar sync

Back in 2014, we were approached by a national telecoms provider with a multi-million pound turnover. Thanks to their recent success, they were preparing to scale up even further, and needed to concentrate various paper and excel-based processes into a bespoke cloud-hosted system.

They needed some enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to streamline back-office functions and automate their internal processes wherever possible. As part of the on-going business digitisation project, we’ve automated their management of staff, projects, work-sites and finance, improving their communication, organisation and security along the way. We even digitised all of their paper forms and delivered them in an Android tablet app.

This case study explores the solution we created for scheduling and viewing their work.

Rather than relying on emails and whiteboards as they had done in the past, every team member now has full visibility of planned and in-progress work on a dynamic calendar. Back-office staff can add new work to the calendar, assign team members and raise the relevant variation requests easily from one screen - cutting the whole process to a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the software we built for them, they have been able to comfortably manage a much larger workforce, take on more projects and massively increase revenue.

All-singing weekly calendar view

With hundreds of jobs passing through their system every month it was important for each member of staff to be able to filter the workload for their own activity. We delivered an efficient and customisable calendar system that allowed office staff to isolate the relevant information, and avoid information overload.

The calendar interface can filtered by name, work type, assignee and other properties. Clicking on a specific entry expands it to show more contextual information, such as the off-site address, and any notes or documents to go with the job.

Step-by-step scheduling wizard

From maintaining existing telecoms systems to building new antenna rigs., our client has a multitude of activities. With so much variation, they naturally needed a way of documenting the nuances and requirements for each job. Our step-by-step scheduling wizard was perfect for this.

When adding new work, the user is guided through the scheduling process - they can book a work-site for as many days as required and allocate individuals or entire teams to the job.

The different work types are colour-coded and can be customised to allow the selection of a project manager, work-site location, or set milestones. Scheduling conflicts are automatically detected to ensure that double-booking does not occur (unless the work type allows it).

Cross-team synchronicity

To make sure that off-site staff have visibility of the work they've been scheduled for, they can connect their Google account to the ERP platform. If they or their team are assigned new work, the calendar entry is synchronised with their Google Calendar, which can be accessed from any Android or iOS mobile device.

When changes are made to the schedule – such as writing additional notes or replacing a team member – it is instantly reflected in their calendar, with an optional email also sent to notify them of the change.

Quick and secure online job details

As with the in-office staff, it's important for off-site staff to be able to see the wider details of job as and when they need to - that's why each synchronised Google calendar entry includes a secure link.

The links lead to an in-depth, mobile-friendly details view of the work. From here, staff can even download attached documents or view directions to the site address on Google Maps at a single click.

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