We develop purpose-built bespoke software for all industries

We develop bespoke business software tailored to fit any process. We've worked in dozens of industries with companies throughout the UK since 2013. All from our HQ in Birmingham, West Midlands.

We develop bespoke

  • Web portals
  • SaaS platforms
  • Back office software
  • Native iOS/Android apps
  • Cross-platform mobile apps
  • API integrations
  • Design prototypes

Our core technologies

  • Symfony framework (PHP)
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • MySQL, Postgres
  • Swift (Native iOS)
  • Kotlin (Native Android)
  • React Native (iOS, Android)

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Questions about bespoke software?

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Are you a small/medium business owner or a serial entrepreneur with a modern software vision? We’ve been developing bespoke business software for people like you since 2013.

Can you develop bespoke software for my business?

Absolutely. We’ve transformed anything from single processes to entire businesses. From admin and finance features, to powering an entire remote workforce, we always deliver.

We focus on understanding your USPs, and tailor the software vision to fit your business needs. By working with you and your team, we take the time to learn what drives your business and add value strategically.

Our cross-industry experience means we develop software greater than the sum of its parts.

Or give us a call now on 0330 120 1408.

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Public transport data analysis app

Multimodal bespoke web app
A public transport client saw around an 800% increase in productivity after introducing automation when developing bespoke business software with us.
“What used to take 1-2 days using our previous methodology now takes 2-4 hours with the application and the spreadsheet export [up to 8x faster]."
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- Daniel Bent, PJA Associate
Multimodal bespoke web app

Looking for a bespoke software quote? Check out our top 3 FAQs first

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Does bespoke software cost more than off-the-shelf software?

In the shorter term, bespoke software can cost more than off-the-shelf software. But, your competitive edge can disappear when your competitors use the same software as you.

Investing in bespoke software that’s tailor-fit to your business can create a bigger return on investment. It can also provide your business with an edge that your competitors can’t buy.

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Can you develop bespoke mobile apps too?

Absolutely! If you have remote/field-based processes, we would recommend building an app.

Developing a mobile app can bring new insight with features like GPS tracking. You can enhance your processes with new data too. Users can upload images and videos of completed work, PPE, signatures, and more.

You can also integrate your mobile app and bespoke software with existing online platforms. Services like Google Maps, or PayPal (for payments) can help you hit the ground running.

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Can bespoke software work for my business?

It definitely can. To keep things simple, we often start out with a prototype or ‘proof of concept’ so that you can test the waters. As we’ve developed bespoke software for clients across dozens of industries, we’re confident that we can find the right ‘fit’ for your business.

Fast track your digital transformation

"I've always felt 'in safe hands' with Codevate. Every deliverable added much value to our project; contracting them has been one of my best business experiences in 25 years."
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— Matthew Brereton, CFO, Perfect Data Ltd.

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Fast track your digital transformation

"contracting Codevate has been one of my best business experiences in 25 years." Star Star Star Star Star

— Matthew Brereton, CFO

Free 30 minute scoping call
Face-to-face consultation included
Free at-a-glance feasibility analysis
Complementary high-level proposal

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Fast track your digital transformation

Free 30 minute scoping call
Face-to-face consultation included
Free at-a-glance feasibility analysis
Complementary high-level proposal

Get my software meeting

So, how can we make bespoke software work for your business?

We start with your business goals and challenges, and build a software roadmap from there. For larger or more complex projects we hold discovery workshops to understand the finer details.

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Digitally transform your business to build an edge

You can build a competitive edge and make a return by building your software step-by-step. Bespoke software can target pain points like scalability, productivity, or data insights with custom web or mobile apps.

Online integrations can deliver quick wins

The best way to hit the ground running with a bespoke software project is with online integrations. Online payments, automatic email reminders, or GPS check-ins can deliver instant value.

Complex business model? Try combining web and mobile apps

If your business has multiple moving parts, we’ve got you covered. Our bespoke software projects capture your USPs with an ecosystem of web and mobile technology.

We thrive on complexity, and have developed software for businesses large and small. We’ve built large-scale bespoke systems, with multiple web and mobile apps, including dozens of integrations.

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Got a bespoke software idea?

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Want to know more? Try these FAQs.

  • How much does bespoke software development cost?
  • We know it’s important to plan budgets before investing in a new project. As bespoke software comes in all shapes and sizes, we charge a standard daily rate for software development.

    The cost of bespoke software comes from the features, processes, and online services you want to integrate. To give you control over costs, we break each project down into ‘phases’, so you can develop the software step-by-step.

  • Can my new software bring in data from my old system?
  • Of course! We can safely import your data from your old system if you have access to it. In fact, we often develop new software to avoid the pitfalls of an old system. Your old system can be a great resource for understanding how your business works.

  • What makes Codevate different?
  • Since 2013, we've maintained a 100% project completion rate (compared to an industry average of 25%). We utilise both Lean and Agile principles, and all of our staff are full-time and on-site (no outsourcing!)

  • Is bespoke software secure?
  • Secure, quality bespoke software is often built on the shoulders of giants. Compared to some off-the-shelf solutions (like WordPress), we carefully vet the open source libraries and tools we use. This gives your project a solid foundation, focusing on well-maintained code that delivers maximum value.

    We use the latest encryption and infrastructure code to ensure our bespoke software projects keep your data secure.

  • Can my new software support thousands of users?
  • Yes it can. If scalability is a key requirement for your business, you’re in safe hands.

    Scaling to support thousands of users can be a feature in itself. We’ve developed secure horizontally scalable software that supports tens of thousands of users. We’ve also built real-time systems that can scale even higher.

  • Will my project stay confidential?
  • We're always happy to sign non-disclosure agreements and protect your trade secrets as if they were our own.