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Get a mobile app that engages users and achieves your business goals.

Why do you want a mobile app? How will your customers use it? How will you measure success?

Before investing in a mobile app, you need clear answers to these questions. We follow a proven, consultative process that helps you evaluate available opportunities. Then we create a product that drives user engagement and delivers a return on your investment.

Our expertise spans single, dual and cross-platform development for iOS and Android. Using native technologies for speed and efficiency, we produce streamlined designs and use in-app analytics to drive innovation.

Standalone Apps

We create practical standalone apps that solve everyday problems.
Examples include a utility or gaming app, or an app that checks a service for convenience.

Distributed Apps

We develop powerful distributed apps capable of supporting thousands of concurrent users sharing information across multiple devices. Like a messaging or photo sharing app.

Bespoke Apps

Invigorate your business and improve your customer experience with a mobile app or responsive design that gives easy access to your existing data or platform.

“We’re unfamiliar with coding ourselves, and you hear horror stories about development projects. We’d recommend Codevate – over the past 12 months the level of trust and understanding we’ve built up is invaluable.”

“The team works with us to specify exactly what we want and helps us understand the process and the potential outcomes of each choice we make. They help us nail down the finer points, so everyone is working to clear benchmarks and knows what to expect. We have direct contact with the people working on our apps at all times, so we feel confident and have a lot of control over the product.”

Outoo – A social and events discovery app


Event-based social discovery app

Native iOS and Android social and events discovery mobile application with geo-location.

Our step-by-step process allowed the app's feature-set, user interface and user experience to be shaped over time based on user feedback.

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Outoo mobile app


Social discovery and dating app

Location-driven mobile app, available on Android and iOS from day one, featuring Facebook social integration.

Through our evolutionary approach, the app was built up over a number of stages, growing towards a product-market fit. .

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Temptr mobile app

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