Developing a web app to centralise auditing for a security company

Our client performs security audits and penetration tests on their customer's software and network infrastructure, producing reports as an output. Their old business processes were limiting their ability to scale the company.

Working together, we identified their main pain points - inefficiencies and a loose customer feedback loop.

The bespoke centralised solution we developed has helped to solve the main barriers to growth, giving our client a competitive edge.

Replacing legacy software with a modern web portal

With pre-existing software for performing qualifications on scientific equipment, our client needed a new solution due to numerous issues with the legacy software.

We rebuilt the Windows-based legacy software as a modern web portal - with a much improved user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

The new web portal we developed has made carrying out qualifications more efficient and less error prone, resolving pain points with the legacy software.

Highly secure AWS infrastructure development

Dealing with highly sensitive personal documents over the Internet, and an upcoming security audit, our client required a highly secure infrastructure. And fast.

We built a highly secure infrastructure on AWS. We also worked closely with the development team to improve the security and performance of the existing software.

The new infrastructure passed the security audit and penetration test first time, making the software certified for working with the nuclear industry.

Health and safety audit app development

Our client needed a rebuild of their old health and safety audit apps, due to numerous issues with bugs and a poor UI/UX.

Working closely with their developers to integrate the new app with their existing portal, we developed an all-in-one auditing app with a dynamic form builder and offline support.

After a successful launch of Safety Cloud, our client was acquired by Citation.

Developing a web app to export business data 8x faster for a transport company

We developed this bespoke web app for a public transport solutions company. They wanted to digitise their process to introduce automation and boost productivity.

The software needed to streamline the data collection process, outputting an actionable spreadsheet that would seamlessly plug into their existing process.

We delivered a solution with an intuitive map-based interface that used an external API to collate bus route information. With the new tool at their disposal, our client have reported completing the work up to eight times faster than ever before.

Remote worker check-in and automated safeguarding tool

As part of a large-scale multi-year project, we developed a system for safeguarding lone workers by leveraging automated voice calls for routine check-ins to verify their wellbeing. In the event of an accident, an automatic emergency conference call is created to ascertain the worker’s situation and send help.

Our bespoke technology and scalable cloud infrastructure has given the organisation peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding their remote staff. The system resulted in massive cost savings and eliminating blockers to growth.

Cloud-based resource planning with calendar sync

Back in 2014, we were approached by a national telecoms provider with a multi-million pound turnover. Thanks to their recent success, they were preparing to scale up even further, and needed to concentrate various paper and excel-based processes into a bespoke cloud-hosted system.

Thanks to the software we built for them, they have been able to comfortably manage a much larger workforce, take on more projects and massively increase revenue.

GPS-driven dating app for iOS and Android

A social discovery app that combines dating and social features. Crossed-paths and location check-ins help facilitate new connections alongside real-time chat, rich bios, and photo and video upload.

Temptr was available on iOS and Android from day one, with a worldwide release. Keeping the familiar swiping to like and dislike, made popular by Tinder, Temptr made several improvements of the user interface, such as creating more room for full-sized photos.

Fundraising web platform

After trying to develop another platform, we helped Donape to spot a gap in the market - a severe lack of options for getting money to charities, especially in an automated fashion.

The resulting platform allows anyone to create their own campaigns for charities of their choice. With the design we implemented, administration costs were kept to a minimum, affording scalability as the platform grows.

Mobile-friendly recipe search engine

inspiremymeal was initially intended to be a mobile app that aggregated recipe search results from Google. We worked closely with the inspiremymeal team to shape and improve upon the initial idea, while still remaining faithful to the value proposition, resulting in a platform with the best opportunities for success.

Taking a web-first approach had the benefit of having the platform's content available to search engines, such as Google. The right keyword targeting, content and SEO strategy can help to bring in a sustainable source of organic traffic over time.

Social and events discovery app

The app takes the idea of mutual liking between users, matching to chat, but having both users interested in attending an event or venue at a certain time - increasing the chances of meeting up in person.

We initially launched Outoo exclusively on iOS, limited to the Worcester area, in order to gain initial feedback from users - helping to grow the app's feature-set tailored to fit the market based on user feedback. The finished app was later available UK-wide on Android and iOS.

Social networking platform

The team approached us with their existing dating platform, established in 2006, with the goal of vastly improving the user experience, retention and revenue. Adding features to an aging platform was becoming a costly and time consuming process.

The platform achieved revenue growth of 1,800% in two years from May 2013, as well as winning multiple awards. The site saw a 500% increase in users, as of November 2015.

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