Our Process

We take a methodical approach to developing software that helps high-growth businesses maximise value while minimising project costs.

Our process starts with a discussion of what you want to achieve and what problems you’re looking to solve. We’ll talk about what you want the app or website to do, what your user base wants and needs, and what opportunities there are to develop recurring revenue.

Whether it’s a product you want to bring to market, a way to get more value out of your data, or a piece of software to streamline business processes – we recognise you’re making an investment that needs to deliver a return. We put you in a strong position to achieve that return and fuel growth.


Requirements Gathering

At the start of the project, we discuss your business goals and objectives, idea, the problems you want to solve and the opportunities you want to pursue. We listen to you and learn about your business, and together we decide what success looks like.


Our Recommendations

We explore the potential for new opportunities based on your objectives. We set these out along with a timeline identifying the highest value Phase 1. We validate and confirm the agreed success metrics and give you estimated project timelines and costs along with our recommendations.


Planning & Development

Our approach to development follows the agile methodology – we incorporate the best technology and address evolving user needs with a focus on future proofing. We’re keen problem solvers and are proactive about evolving your concept to help you maximise the return on your investment.


Prototyping, Testing & Polishing

You, your stakeholders and your beta users have the opportunity to experiment with any available prototypes and propose tweaks. We incorporate the feedback and carry out rigorous testing to ensure you’re going live with the best possible product.


Monitoring & Measuring

Software and app projects should never be ‘done.’ They should grow with your business and markets, and stay up to date with technology trends. To ensure you get maximum value from your product, we focus on long-term relationships. We take the lessons from Phase 1 and incorporate them into Phase 2 and beyond, so you’re continuously improving, capitalising on new opportunities and supporting sustainable growth.

“After meeting with a few companies about our project, Codevate was the only company who 'got' our idea. We've worked with them to incrementally digitise most of our business processes -- their iterative process was ideal for us. We had no idea what our overall product might look like, and Codevate had the valuable ability to interpret our requirements from concept through to actual workable functions. They bring a collaborative approach to every project.”

SiteLive – Fully-featured business management platform

Our Services

Mobile App Development

We develop standalone, distributed and bespoke apps for iOS and Android, and have a laser focus on creating products that maximise ROI.

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Bespoke Software Development

From business process improvement to IT infrastructure and the Internet of Things, we help you use technology to achieve a competitive advantage.

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Web App & Website Development

We help you create web apps and cloud-based platforms that meet user needs, enable integration, grow with your business and open up opportunities for future revenue.

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Consultancy & Support

Our software consulting and support services include innovation strategy, comprehensive spec workshops, software maintenance and monthly development packages.

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