Software Consultancy & Support

Strategic Consultancy

Innovation Consultancy

Maybe you have an idea but aren’t sure how to translate it into a technical specification for a software program or app. Or you have a business process inefficiency you want to fix with technology somehow.

We help you bridge that gap between the concept and the product. With software, there’s always more than one way to approach development. We help you critically evaluate all your choices so you can make an informed decision on the best way forward, taking into account functionality, timescales, budget and future proofing. As a result, you get a practical and actionable roadmap for a solution that delivers commercial benefits.

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Virtual CTO Service

When technology is important to your business, you need a specialist to help you make the right strategic decisions about apps, websites and software projects.

Our virtual CTO service is an easy way to get that expertise without the costs associated with hiring an employee. You get your own CTO for a set number of hours each month, with the flexibility to top up on an ad-hoc basis. We give you the strategic support you and the business need to get maximum value from technology.

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Ongoing Support Packages

Server Maintenance & Software Breakdown Support

Have experts on hand at short notice with our monthly package for existing clients. We’ll help deal with any server infrastructure or software issues that aren’t covered by your warranties. (To be clear, we offer warranties for the software and apps we develop, so this is for other technology or products that are out of warranty or for third-party faults that aren’t covered.)

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Minor Software Development Queue Jumping Package

If you’ve done a project with us and your industry requires regular minor software updates at short notice, this support package gives you a set amount of developer time each month. It guarantees we’re available to help with small jobs, and is a simple, flexible way to keep on top of tasks that can easily pile up.

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“After meeting with a few companies about our project, Codevate was the only company who 'got' our idea. We've worked with them to incrementally digitise most of our business processes -- their iterative process was ideal for us. We had no idea what our overall product might look like, and Codevate had the valuable ability to interpret our requirements from concept through to actual workable functions. They bring a collaborative approach to every project.”

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